Punggol Waterway – New Green and Clean Town in Singapore

Singapore is leading the way into a greener future. They have started to assemble the pieces to make this long reaching goal a reality. They are in the process of uncovering what it will take to make a community that is not only eco-friendly but also viable too. This is a goal that will have global ramifications that could help us all.

Punggol Waterway Estate in Singapore is the site where they have decided to test and perfect their new ideas on sustainable living. There are several key factors that will need to be achieved to make this a viable reality. Getting in the know of the Punggol Waterway news is important. As it is a new and upcoming estate, there are many new technologies will need to be created and implement for sustaining water, energy and waste management needs. This will be a town that will be self-sustaining and needs to be able to balance itself. Many of these ideas will be based around the water way that flows through this area. They will use nature and the different tropic elements to help balance and make this town sustainable.

Phase 1 of this new project started back in 2011. They are in the process of experimenting will new technologies. Their goals are to see what works and what does not. Having a great idea and getting it to work are two very different things. This is the testing ground for what is to come. Once they have discovered what is viable they then work on making that new technology affordable. To make it sustainable they have to make these new technologies both viable and affordable. This innovated thinking is what is going to make this project a successful reality. Phase 2 is slated to start in 2015. This will be a project that is ongoing and does not have an end date.


Serangoon Central

Singapore’s Serangoon Estate

The history of Serangoon Estate dates back to the mid 20th century when it was used to provide housing for soldiers from Britain and Australia during their stay in Singapore. When the soldiers relocated in the seventies, the estate opened its doors to the mid-upper class citizens of Singapore and expats.

If you are wondering why the estate has such a unique name, you will be enthralled to learn that the name is inspired by the presence of a black and white bird species which inhabits the surrounding area. The species, known as ‘Sa Ranggong’ and with the presence of the British colonialists who found this name hard to pronounce, the result was Serangoon Estate as we know it today. It is also important to make mention that in previous years, Serangoon Gardens as it was then known came about following the expansive flower farms that dotted the area.

Serangoon MRT

Serangoon has many HDB flats and have a new mega suburban shopping centre now, called NEX. It is as big as the ION shopping centre, which is in Orchard road. So Serangoon has expanded and grown to a very bustling area, with it being an MRT interchange of the North East Line and the Circle Line. Also, Serangoon is situated in the mild centre of Singapore, next to Bishan geographically.

The construction of NEX:



This premier shopping mall is a welcome experience in Singapore – Serangoon Garden Estate. Not only does it have a rich history as it stands where Paramount Theater once stood, it is also a warm and cozy mall with all the perks of a modern shopping complex. Some of the services available at this mall include banking services, dry-cleaning, as well as reflexology. Numerous eateries also mean that you can grab a quick meal on the go.

Serangoon Garden Circus

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